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HealtheVoices23 Conference Recap

I've been to conferences, research symposiums, and retreats, across the country, but NEVER have I experienced witnessing anything like this! The radiant talent of JahLisa, also known as JahLove closed out the HealtheVoices23 Conference open mic night with an electrifying performance. JahLisa's captivating unforgettable medley was everything we didn't know we needed!
HealtheVoices23 Conference brought over 100 online health advocates together for empowerment, education, and fellowship. The weekend of events nurtured our commitment to the work we do in our advocacy and gave us tools to help do more within our communities.
The beauty of the entire weekend was simply experiencing joy. We all are or at least most advocates and patients. Day in and out we commit ourselves to the work of advocacy to support change for ourselves and others. To have moments to laugh, sing, dance, and just be was refreshing. Having the Queen herself perform was the icing on the cake.

What was even more incredibly beautiful is that everyone was free to be themselves in a safe space. Its already hard managing a health condition, and for some even more difficult if they can't be their authentic selves. Experiencing all these things made my heart truly rejoice.

As President of the Beyhive I absolutely approve this message! I am literally counting down for the next HealtheVoices. Can't wait to experience the more in store.

by: Ayesha Patrick

Psoriatic Disease Patient & Advocate