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Welcome To The PsoriaSiS Collective Community!  My name is Ayesha Patrick, I am the Creator of the PsoriaSis Collective & Founder of the Sistas With Psoriasis Online Facebook Support Group.  I'm thrilled you've found us here, as you've probably figured out navigating psoriatic disease as a person of color is pretty tough.  

​A little about me, I've lived with psoriasis for nearly my entire life, but it was very mild.  I would have flares in my scalp, and typically on my legs during the winter.  It wasn't until after age 40 at the top of the COVID-19 pandemic that I had a major flare with plaques covering nearly my entire body, and scalp.  I also began to have major issues with my joints.  It was a very scary time.

During this time, I was desperate to find others like myself; frustrated from not being able to find support groups for people of color with psoriasis, I decided to start my own.  I started an online Facebook support group, Sistas With Psoriasis.  The group serves as a safe space and support for women of color living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  

​I later became heavily involved with the National Psoriasis Foundation where I currently serve as an advocate and one-to-one mentor.  As my voice and advocacy grew, I became involved with the Autoimmune Association and other organizations committed to the awareness of those living with autoimmune, or immune mediated diseases.  

​It means so much to me for you to be here and connect with our community.  This site is for EVERYONE, even those just learning more about psoriasis.  If you're here and are curious about how psoriasis impacts the black community, you're in the right spot! Cultural Competency is an important and real thing.  So welcome, stick around for a bit and subscribe to receive news, updates and even some fun stuff along the way!